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C60 in organic GREEK Olive Oil:
100 ml CHF 70.00
3 bottles for CHF 200.00
10 or more bottles: 10 % discount
20 bottles: 15 % discount 

Each bottle contains: 100 ml of fully saturated C60 oil (0.8 mg / ml) of 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 in Organic, Award Winning, Greek Olive Oil, called MANI who is the pioneer of organic olive oil in Greece. MANI olive oil comes from the Koroneiki olive, harvested by hand and exclusively cold extracted to achieve the highest quality. Only the best olive oils from small family farms who cultivate their olive groves traditionally and organically are selected to be part of the MANI brand.

C60 in organic ITALIAN Olive Oil:
100 ml CHF 70.00
3 bottles for CHF 200.00
10 or more bottles: 10 % discount
20 bottles: 15 % discount 

Each Bottle Contains: 100 ml of fully saturated C60 oil 0.08g of 99.99% Ultra High Purity C 60 from SES in Multi Award Winning, Organic, Italian Olive Oil. Made with Blissful, Happy, Energetic Intention and Finished with Therapeutic Sound Vibrations. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Naturally cold extracted and unfiltered to maintain the best experience from the original taste since 1780. Certified organic, Cold extraction and unfiltered, Blend of olive oils of European Union origin, Vegan ok. Il Casolare Organic has won GOLD in New York International Olive Oil Competition 2018 and GOLD in the London IOOC.


C60 in organic Coconut Oil:
150 ml CHF 70.00
3 bottles for CHF 200.00
10 or more bottles: 10 % discount
20 bottles: 15 % discount 

Each 150 ml bottle contains 0.09 g of C60 99.99% 60 in Virgin Coconut / MCT Ol. WHY THE BIGGER BOTTLE? It is NOT possible to dissolve 0.08g of C60 in 100ml of coconut oil due to the oils low viscosity, it is less soluble than in any of the other C60 oils available. We have therefore created this blend with the same amount of C60, but more oil. The guide dose is 7.5ml, giving you 20 servings per bottle.

WHY COCONUT OIL: Vegans, Vegetarians or Low red meat eaters may not be getting the full benefits of C60 Oil due to potentially low Carnitine levels. Carnitine is an Amino Acid found in Red Meat. Carnitine helps move more fatty acids into your cells and the Mitochondria within the cells to be burned for energy. Coconut / MCT (Medium Chain Tryglycerides) do not need carnitine to be present for this biochemical reaction to take place. Taking C60 in Coconut oil may help improve energy, burn more fat for fuel aiding to weight loss and have many other potential benefits related to Mitochondrial health and general well being.


C60 in organic Pumpkin Oil:
100 ml CHF 70.00
3 bottles for CHF 200.00
10 or more bottles: 10 % discount
20 bottles: 15 % discount 

Each Bottle Contains: 100 ml of C60 oil – 0.08 g of 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 in Organic, Award Winning, Pumpkin Seed Oil from Austria. 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 in The Finest Award Winning, Austrian, Organic, Pumpkin Seed Oil. Made with Sensational, Happy, Energetic Intention and Finished with Therapeutic Sound Vibrations. Please note that the Use By Date of This Product is shorter due to the Organic qualities of the Pumpkin Seed Oil. Once opened, please consume within 6 weeks to experience the best flavour of the oil.


To try 3 different oils you can order a package of C60 in olive, coconut and pumpkin oil, one bottle each, for a price of CHF 200.00 for all three (+ postage).

* * *

Our C60 has been prepared using the utmost care and once packaged the oils are stored in cool temperature to preserve the polyphenols of the oil, although C 60 also preserves the oil. All oils have then been blessed with Joy and Bliss and packaged with Love, whilst raising the vibration of the oil using 528 frequency music. Do your due diligence before using the products.

Shipment to all parts of Switzerland within 1-2 working days; choose A- or B-Post. Ask for postage to EU countries. Payment in advance to our Swiss Bank Account. Send us your order and we will calculate the exact amount and give you our bank account details.

Versand innerhalb von 1-2 Arbeitstagen in der ganzen Schweiz. Posttarife für Versand in EU-Länder auf Anfrage. Bezahlung zum voraus auf unser Schweizer Bankkonto.


To protect the product from degradation, we recommend storing the oil in a place where it is protected from both heat and light, such as a cupboard away from the stove or any other heat generating appliances. Do not refrigerate Olive or Coconut MCT Oil. While refrigeration is harmless, placing the oil in a refrigerator will cause it to congeal in an unappealing way. If this happens, simply bring the oil back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency.

Pumpkin Seed oil should be keep under 16 degrees and can be stored in the fridge, especially during the warmer months of the year. When stored properly, an unopened bottle of Carbon 60 olive oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, we recommend using within 30-60 days for maximum quality.


The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant

An important aspect of having a healthy body is to reduce the amount of free radicals. These compounds damage the cells by putting them under oxidative stress. As a result of this, overtime the cells are destroyed. Not only do free radicals destroy the cells, they have also been linked to advancing the ageing process. Luckily, antioxidants can prevent this process from happening by scanning the body for these compounds and inhibiting them, preventing further damage to the cells. Oxidative stress is prevalent in all of us and is more enhanced by every day actions like breathing in polluted air, smoking, stress, exercise, eating, EMF radiation and just about everything we do. Whilst some level of this type of stress in the body is now proving to be beneficial, toxic overload of it is not.

Considered the World’s strongest antioxidant, C60 is an inert Carbon molecule with 60 carbon atoms that mops up damaging free radicals. C60 is able to both donate and accept electrons and not be used up in the process.
Antioxidants, are abundant in youthful human bodies but markedly decline as we age. An imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants can lead to a general state of oxidative stress which can damage lipids, proteins, DNA and cell mitochondria. They work in every cell in every part of your body, so it could be hypothesized that they have potential to help provide relief from some of the debilitating issues we suffer from and protect us from the bombardment of every day stressors.
Because C60 Oils can be consumed straight from the bottle they are also very easy to use either as an ingredient in your food or straight off a spoon.

Results after 48 hours

Unbelievable ! After only 48 hours of daily tea-spoon of it, I move with 50% less pain and much more flexibility ! I am 61 y.o and these last 8 years I abused of my strength, working as a man, jumping like a young girl, up at 5 a.m, running to many jobs. But since a year it become hard, having joint’s pain and difficulty leaving my bed at morning or even get up off my chair. It was obvious that my body was starting to wear out and that it can not regenerate as quickly as before. It seems that C60 has a great benefit, stopping my aging process, so quickly…
F.O. in C.

What is C60 ?

Carbon 60 molecules are composed of carbon atoms linked to three other carbon atoms by covalent bonds shaped like a tiny soccer ball 1.1 nanometers in diameter.​ The carbon atoms are connected in the same pattern of hexagons and pentagons you find on a soccer ball. Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health enhancing properties for all living beings.

The Carbon 60 molecule acts as a super antioxidant, up to 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C.  Studies show the link between C60 and it’s ability to help remove toxins and free radicals, allowing cells to heal naturally.

How It’s Made:

  • Mixing Carbon 60 molecules with oil for 14 days to reach a saturation rate of 0.8 mg C60 per 1.0 ml
  • Next it’s vacuum filtered to a 0.2 micron porosity to remove aggregates and bacteria.
  • The finished oils are then sealed in a Cobalt glass bottle to protect it from UV light.

Health Benefits:

  • Improved Longevity
  • Protection Against Free Radical
  • Prevents Inflammation
  • Kills Viruses
  • Protects Nerves
  • Prevents Osteoarthritis
  • Improves Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Kills Bacteria

Athletes feel a distinct and immediate increase in performance and endurance with C60. Recovery times after exercise or competition are greatly reduced. Serious athletes can gain hours back into their lives with C60. Runners and bicyclists reach their fastest times. Weightlifters exceed their personal bests. Maximize your performance, strength, and endurance, as well as reduce your recovery times with C60.

When C60 is rubbed on the skin, wrinkles are gently reduced. Skin feels softer and more supple. Age spots fade away. Wounds and sores heal much faster. This all leads to a much more youthful appearance.

People find the brain fog so common in today’s polluted environments, to rapidly dissipate. Mental clarity, emotional focus and vigor are increased with C60. Energy levels raise and remain balanced throughout the day. People feel more internally connected, focused and on task. Physical strength, energy and virility return to more youthful levels. Attitude and motivation are greatly elevated.

Research: We recommend anyone considering C60 to do their own research.

C60 nach Sport-Event

(English translation below)

Ich muss sagen, es ist mir wieder sehr gut gelaufen! Beim Swiss Irontrail habe ich ja am Tag danach eine ganze Flasche C60 (100ml) gekippt (Nachmittag / Abends wenn ich mich recht erinnere). Dieses mal (bin LG-Trail – 110 Km gelaufen) habe ich mit der Einnahme gleich in der Nacht nach dem Rennen begonnen, also auf halbnüchternen Magen und ca. 12 Stunden früher als beim Irontrail. Insgesamt war es ca. eine halbe Flasche die ich in der Nacht auf Sonntag bez. am Sonntag zu mir genommen habe. Heute, also zwei Tage nach dem Rennen darf ist feststellen: Muskelkater hatte ich nach diesem Rennen gar nicht! Null! Die Füsse schmerzen auch nicht mehr und ich bin wieder voll mobil. Und das obwohl ich länger, schneller und weiter gelaufen bin 🙂 Ein weiterer Fortschritt für C60.

* * *

I have to say that I have done well again! The Swiss Irontrail I tipped a whole bottle of C60 the next day (afternoon / evening if I remember correctly). This time (did LG Trail – 110 km) I started taking C60 the night after the race, so on a semi-fast stomach and about 12 hours earlier than after the Irontrail race. All in all it was about half a bottle which I took during the night and on Sunday. Today, two days after the race I can state: I do not have any soreness! Zero! The feet do not hurt anymore and I’m fully mobile again. And although I have run longer, faster and further 🙂 Another progress for C60.
– F.A., Lachen, Switzerland